During my 15 years there I was proud to generate

some very special projects. Some of my most memorable  include many sites at George Washington’s Mount Vernon Estate, countless prominent country clubs, and even a few palaces in Jeddah and Kuwait.  Traveling to these places, being involved in their development (sometimes even sitting down at the sewing machine myself) polished my skills in every facet of this business. 

A few years ago I struck out on my own and formed Drapery Specialists, LLC with my wife Paula and a wonderful team of skilled artisans. I knew my years of experience with textiles, specialty hardware, motorization, hospitality and theatrical drapery could serve a need in this fascinating industry.

For years I’ve heard designers lament about their struggles with custom window coverings. Often I have used this analogy... Custom draperies are similar to having a tailored suit or couture gown made. First the design and the fabric is chosen. The tailor then performs the crucial specifications and measurements, taking into account how that certain fabric may perform for that certain style. After fabrication comes the fitting. Once in a while a tuck or taper will have to be made, but the final reveal is spectacular!  

Warmest Regards,  

Jeff Hall

After 20 years, I often ask myself that same question. My mother had her own interior design firm and I guess you could say I was always immersed in it. After graduating from college with a marketing degree, I learned quickly I preferred working one-on-one with people so instead of joining a big corporation, I paired with a small local workroom and focused on its growth.

How did I find myself in the drapery business?

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