Measure Check

After a design has been chosen, taking our own measurements is important because we take into account how the product should be installed for proper function. This also determines how we actually make it.


The foundation of every project includes detailed specifications such as estimates, yardage analysis and fabrication guidance. We also offer linings, decorative hardware, contract fabrics, flame retardant services, upholstery and solar shades.


Secure and true installation is key for proper function. Care and operation is thoughtfully conveyed to you and your client for proper maintenance and maximum performance. Best of all, we take great pride in dressing-down the treatments for a showroom finish!

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  Every project is unique. We approach each one individually with the same enthusiasm and attention to detail we, ourselves, would expect. 
                                                    ~ Jeff Hall

Drapery Specialists, LLC  is a full service  soft and hard goods fabricator to the design and architect trades. Our highly skilled team can handle all your commercial and residential window dressing needs from start to finish including: 

  1. -measure the job

  2. -specify for proper form and function

  3. -provide decorative hardware and track

  4. -contract fabrics

  5. -FR services

  6. -install and groom for a five-star finish